Why choose ballet?

The benefits of ballet are numerous. It is widely known that regular and appropriate exercise is good for health and the immune system. Learning ballet on a long-term basis can even improve the posture. In terms of performing arts, learning ballet can cultivate students’ interest in appreciating ballet. Combining music with dance, ballet training can increase students’ musicality and encourage them to exercise their creativity. Moreover, learning the various dance movements enable students to improve their body coordination and train their ability to concentrate, memorize and observe. Socially, through cooperating with others, students’ interpersonal and communication skills are enhanced. In short, learning ballet is beneficial to their all-round development. Artistry, fun and friendship are what ballet training brings to students.

Why choose the Clara School of Ballet?

  1. Excellent teachers & high-quality teaching
    All the teachers of our school are trained professionally. They have excellent credentials such as Teaching Diploma of the Royal Academy of Dance and the Diploma of Dance School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Our teachers are responsible and teach seriously. To control the quality of our students, we adopt the Royal Academy of Dance’s Examination Syllabus instead of Class Award since the former awards marks and results.

  2. Good facilities
    Our school is spacious and has a wide range of facilities. There are two dance studios and they are equipped with high-quality U.S. sprung floor which can protect students from leg and back injuries. Apart from this, there are many independent changing rooms at our school and students’ privacy is protected.

  3. Comfortable environment
    There is a wonderful mountain view facing the dance studios and this creates a great learning atmosphere for our students.

  4. High accessibility
    Our school is located in Tsuen Wan and is easily accessible by the MTR, buses and minibuses. The transportation is very convenient.
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