Pre-School Dance Curriculum (Age 2.5-4.5)
Level 1: Age 2.5-3.5
Level 2: Age 3.5-4.5

The Pre-School Dance Curriculum is based on the Royal Academy of Dance’s curriculum. Incorporating storytelling and using different kinds of props, the course will stimulate children’s imagination and enhance their musicality and their coordination ability through creative dance movements and rhythmic music. The course can also polish children’s social skills and increase their self-confidence through interacting with each other.

Pre-Primary (Age 4.5 or above)

Basic skills will be introduced in this course, providing a foundation for future ballet training.

Primary (Age 5.5 or above)

This course provides basic ballet training and students will receive marks and grades in the examination.

Grade 1- Grade 5

The syllabus of the curriculum is composed of Classical work, Free Movement and European Character Dance. Good postures, elegant physique, musicality and team spirit are stressed.

Grade 6- Grade 7

The syllabus consists of the work of the Romantic ballets, Free Movement and European Character Dance. These courses focus on the cooperation skills, creativity and expression of students.

Grade 8 Award

Students will take the examination mainly in an individual format. They have to express themselves through the use of dance, emotion, music and space.

Vocational Syllabus

The curriculum based on the Vocational Graded syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance and it aims to train ballet professionals and teachers. The examination levels are Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.

Adult Ballet

This class aims at teaching the fundamentals of ballet, strengthening the nimble use of the body as well as increasing the sentiment of life through simple ways. Those who achieve certain levels of attainment can take the Examination classes.

Children Summer Ballet Course (Age3-7)

The class is for beginners. It is carried out in a fun and lively way. Children can have a chance to improve their body coordination and exercise their potential creativity . Those who have finished this course can progress to the regular ballet courses.

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